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We offer a wide range of services in the immigration industry to cater to diverse needs and aspirations. Our expertise covers various visa categories, ensuring that we can assist you in achieving your specific immigration goals. If you are looking to pursue your education abroad, we specialize in study visas. Our team will guide you through the process, helping you choose the right educational institution and assisting you with all the necessary paperwork to obtain a study visa. For those planning a temporary visit or vacation, our visitor/tourist visa services provide seamless assistance in securing the required visa for your travel. We understand the importance of a hassle-free travel experience, and our consultants will ensure that you have the necessary documentation and guidance to obtain your visitor/tourist visa smoothly.
If your goal is to permanently migrate to another country, we offer comprehensive migration visa services. Whether you are seeking employment opportunities, family reunification, or a new start in a different country, our experienced consultants will assist you in navigating the complex migration process and guide you towards obtaining the appropriate visa. For individuals interested in investing and establishing themselves in a foreign country, our investor visa services are designed to meet your needs. We provide expert advice and support in fulfilling the requirements for investor visas, enabling you to explore opportunities and contribute to the economy of your chosen destination. Additionally, our consultancy offers spouse visa services, facilitating the process of uniting families. We understand the significance of being together with your loved ones, and our consultants will work diligently to assist you in obtaining a spouse visa, ensuring a smooth and timely reunion. Furthermore, we provide a range of other visa services to cater to various immigration needs. Whether you require a work visa, business visa, skilled migration visa, or any other type of visa, our knowledgeable team is equipped to guide you through the application process and provide expert support. At FourSquare Immigration, we strive to provide personalized, reliable, and efficient services across the spectrum of visa categories. Our dedicated consultants will work closely with you, offering expert advice, handling the paperwork, and ensuring a seamless experience as you pursue your immigration goals.

Our Services

Study Visa

Access opportunity to world-class education by studying in international university and colleges and pave your way towards the permanent residency of that country.

Spouse Visa

A spouse visa is a type of visa that allows the spouse of a foreign national who is either a citizen or a permanent resident of a country to join them and live together in that country.

Visitor / Tourist Visa

A Visitor / Tourist Visa allows individuals to temporarily enter a foreign country for leisure, tourism, or short-term non-business activities.

Permanent Residency Visa

Receive Permanent Residence (PR) visa for different countries by using various immigration programs, most suitable with respect to your current profile and future requirements.

Bussiness Visa

FourSquare Immigration is a trusted and reliable company specializing in business visas for all countries.we provide comprehensive visa solutions to individuals and businesses seeking to establish their presence in foreign markets.

All Visa Services

FourSquare Immigration is a leading global visa services , providing comprehensive visa solutions for all countries. We specialize in a wide range of visa services, including tourist visas, business visas, student visas, work visas, and more.


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